Educational policies during the pandemic made educational institutions both from elementary to university level must move quickly in starting digital learning. These conditions change the habits of students who are usually productive in accordance with the target lectures to be ‘just lying on the bed' who tend to spend time surfing the internet.

All activities to be carried out at home, including teaching and learning. Teachers / lecturers teach from home, students’ study at home, this activity has been undertaken at least in the last few months. Not an easy thing to adapt, almost everyone starts with obstacles until they are gradually accustomed to it, for most students this online learning activity has become a daily activity in the pandemic period. Likewise, the teachers / lecturers who initially stuttered technology is forced to quickly adapt to various applications, make learning videos and other activities to build closeness with students who are in their respective homes.

New normal is echoed amid the growing corona virus pandemic and infecting millions of people in the world, including in Indonesia and the economy began to shake, thus making a number of countries begin to loosen policies related to the mobility of its citizens. This condition eventually led to the concept of new normal life, which gradually began to be implemented. So, what is new normal. new normal is a change in behavior to keep running normal activities. However, this change is coupled with implementing health protocols. Maintain social distance by reducing physical contact with others. People will live a new normal life until a vaccine is found, which can be used to ward off the corona virus.