Plagiarism Screening


Plagiarism Check


Journal of Entrepreneurship & Startup will check for plagiarism using various available tools, including Google Search and Turnitin.

Articles published in the Journal of Entrepreneurship & Startup are following the code of ethics in scientific publications. The code of ethics itself upholds three ethical values ​​in the publication, namely, (1) neutrality (free of conflicts of interest in public management). (2) Justice (giving authority rights to the recipient as a writer). (3) honesty (free of duplication, fabrication, forgery and plagiarism (DF2P) in publications. Articles published also follow certain procedures, such as review reviews and revisions consistently to maintain the quality of the journal.

The author must only submit original works by not copying, and have not been published or considered in other journals. The right software can be used by editorial journals to check the similarity of manuscripts delivered with existing literature. Inaccurate statements cannot be accepted. Excerpts from the works or words of publications or other references must be cited appropriately. The manuscript that is suspected for plagiarism will be returned immediately to authors.