Plagiarism Policy

Plagiarism Policy

The Editorial Board of Jurnal Edupsycouns acknowledges that plagiarism is unacceptable and therefore establishes the following policies that state specific actions (penalties) when plagiarism is identified that is submitted for publication in Jurnal Edupsycouns: Education, Psychology and Counseling.


Plagiarism is "the use or closure of imitation of language and the ideas of one's original work."


Papers must be original, unpublished, and do not wait for publication elsewhere. Any material taken verbatim from other sources is clearly identified as different from the original text by (1) identification, (2) use of quotes, and (3) identification of sources. When plagiarism is identified, the Editor in Chief is responsible for reviewing this paper and will approve the steps in accordance with the level of plagiarism detected in the paper in accordance with the following guidelines:

Level of Plagiarism


Short sections of other articles are traced without significant data or ideas taken from other papers
Action: A warning is given to the author and a request to change the text and correctly cite the original article was made


Most papers are tracked without quotes that match the original paper
Action: The article sent is rejected and the author is prohibited from sending further articles for one edition.


Most papers are copied which involve reproducing original results or ideas presented in other publications
Action: This paper was rejected and the author is prohibited from sending further articles for three years.

It is understandable that all authors are responsible for the contents of the papers they send because they all signed the Jurnal Edupsycouns Copyright Transfer Form. If the sentence is imposed for plagiarism, all writers will be subject to the same sentence.

The Edupsycouns journal layout editor is responsible for maintaining the list of writers who are punished and will check that no author of the paper was sent on this list. If the author is prohibited from being identified, the layout editor will notify the Leader Editor who will take appropriate action. This policy will be posted on the website with instructions for submitting the manuscript, and copies will be sent to the author with a confirmation email after the initial receipt of their original text. A sentence must be added to the copyright transfer form to show that the author has read the Plagiarism Policy.

Papers published in Edupsycouns Journal will be considered to be withdrawn if:

  • They have clear evidence that the findings are unreliable, either as a result of violations (e.g. making data) or honest mistakes (e.g. miscalculation or experimental errors).
  • Previous findings have been published elsewhere without proper cross-references, permits or justifications (e.g. excessive publication cases) that constitute plagiarism.
  • it reports unethical research.