The Influence of the Role of the School Committee on the Implementation of School-Based Management

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Jumirin Jumirin
Ngurah Ayu Nyoman Murniati
Endang Wuryandini


This study aims to determine the influence of the role   of school committees on the implementation of school-based management (SBM) in private  elementary schools in Pemalang district. The method used in this study is a descriptive method with a quantitative approach, namely research with quantitative data which is then processed and analyzed for conclusions. The first step before the research is taken is to conduct a theoretical study, then the following stages are carried out; first, compiling research instruments, secondly testing the validity and reliability of instruments, thirdly the process of data retrieval, fourth tabulation of data, data processing and interpretation of data, fifth drawing conclusions. The results showed that; first, The role  of the  school committee  as a  judge, supporter, mediator  and controller of the implementation of  SBM obtained a minimum  score of 69 and a maximum score of   202 with a score range of  133.    The data  can be described as saying that  out of 100 respondents who  stated that the role of  the  school committee was good, 13 people  were equivalent to 13%,  stated that 37  people played  a good role.   37%, stated that   39  people played a role equivalent to 3 9% stated  that they played less role as many as 9 people equivalent to   9% and respondents who stated that they did not play a role as   many as 2 people were equivalent to  2%. With a mean value of  149.27 and a mode  value of 162, the value is included in the interval class 150 – 176 in the  good/high category.  The conclusion  of  this study is that the level of  SBM implementation in Pemalang District Private Primary School is influenced by the level of role of  the school committee.   The higher the  role of the school  committee, the more the implementation of SBM will increase. Similarly, if the role of the school  committee is low or lacks a role, then the level of implementation of SBM will also decrease.




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Jumirin, J., Murniati, N. A., & Wuryandini, E. (2022). The Influence of the Role of the School Committee on the Implementation of School-Based Management. Edumaspul: Jurnal Pendidikan, 6(2), 2234-2241.

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