Partnership and Collaboration

For conference collaboration in publishing selected accepted peer-reviewed articles, Editor of Conference should contact first to Editorial Office Journal of Edumaspul.



Term and Condition for Conference Collaboration

All articles published by Edumaspul through conference collaboration must be peer-reviewed by scientific reviewers in the respected conferences. The articles must be reviewed during the conference by two reviewers, one is assigned by the Conference Editor and the other is assigned by Edumaspul Editor (Journal Editor).

The peer-review must consider the following aspects:

  1. Scientific value, the article must be scientifically accurate and correct.
  2. Original, plagiarism is intolerable.
  3. Significancy, the article must have significant impact for science and society.
  4. Well written, the article must be grammarly correct, cohesive, readable, and well structured.
  5. Well formated, the text must be well formated. Figure, diagram, and table must be clear and related.
  6. Well Conclude, conclusion must be clear and answer the research question.