Community Perception of the Todilaling Grave in Napo Village, Limbor Districy, Polewali Mandar

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Musyarif Musyarif
Ahdar Djamaluddin
Rezki Kasim


The Todilaling Tomb is the Tomb of the first King of Balanipa. Pilgrimages to the Todilaling
Tomb have been carried out for generations, but some people make pilgrimages to the Todilaling Tomb
to ask for blessings. This gives rise to differences in perception in society. The sub-problems in this
research are 1) what was Todilaling's policy as the first King of the Balanipa Kingdom in Polewali
Mandar Regency, 2) what was the public's perception of the Todilaling Tomb in Napo Village, Limboro
District, Polewali Mandar Regency. Study This aim For know policy Todilaling as the first King of the
Balanipa Kingdom and perception public towards the Todilaling Grave . This research is study field
with use approach Qualitative. The results of this research show that, 1) during Todilaling's reign there
were several policies issued, including the policy of changing the Kingdom's government system, before
Todilaling Reign condition become a King does not own condition after Todilaling come policies issued
is All King selection systems are based on lineage, which means that only the King's descendants have
the right to become the next King. Then the second policy is change Community customs which is
inhumane , 2) The Tomb of King Todilaling creates a perception among the public, there are people who
believe that if they want something they can ask at the Tomb of Todilaling, then there are also people
who don't believe it because they think this act is an idolatrous act.


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Musyarif, M., Djamaluddin, A., & Kasim, R. (2024). Community Perception of the Todilaling Grave in Napo Village, Limbor Districy, Polewali Mandar. Edumaspul: Jurnal Pendidikan, 8(1), 1600-1605.

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